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All door Stiles are warranteed to be free from defects that would cause them to be unfit for the manufacturing of a door.
This warranty will be good for a period of one (l) year from date of delivery or reciept of product. All products must be inspected upon receipt. Any piece found to be defective should be rejected immediately and Notification sent to SJS Millwork LLC. All edges should be properly sealed on all six (6) sides (where exposed) within 48 hours of door installation.
Allowable tolerances:
All wood products are subject to nominal warpage. Warpage will not be considered a defect unless it exceeds 1/4" in the face of the stile up to and including 8'0" in length. Warpage or warp shall be defined as include bow, cup, and twist. The following method shall be used to measure warpage: Place a straightedge, on the concave face of the stile. The amount of bow, cup, or twist shall be made at the point of maximum distance between the bottom of the straightedge and the face of the stile.
Exclusions are as follows:
1. Any piece used in a radius application.
2. Any piece longer than 8' in length.
3. Any product which was repaired, replaced, or returned without prior written consent from SJS Millwork LLC.
4. Any product not properly sealed
5. Any Product painted or stained a dark color.
6. Any Product Exposed to the weather without adequate overhang protection.
7. Any product with obvious water damage
8. Any product stored incorrectly before use
      (example) Not stored on a flat surface.
                       Stored on stickers without center support.
                       Stored in a damp or wet enviroment.
Further, the wood is a naturally occurring material, grain variations or patterns, color variations, small knots (pin knots), are not considered defects. Joint shrinkage and surface checks are not considered defects.
Should a product be found defective, SJS Millwork LLC, at its discretion, will perform one of the following:
(1) Replace the product at no cost.
(2) Repair the product.
(3) Refund the purchase price.
SJS Millwork LLC will not be responsible for any other cost incurred in the replacement of defective part(s). (i.e.) manufacture of new door, finish, removal, rehanging, labor cost, or shipping cost of any material used in the manufacture of a new door or other product.
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